Contractor Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Ideas

Contractor Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Ideas

Contractor Video Marketing


Any type of contractor, whether it’s kitchen & bath remodeling,plumber, HVAC, landscaper or builder all know that in order for the job to turn out right, you have to have the right tools. So, then in order to build a successful contractor video marketing campaign, you must begin with the right tools. However in the day and age where the sophistication of web interactions is increasing it feels if contractor websites and marketing could be lulling behind.

So, with that said – here are our top tips, strategies and ideas to design and build a successful video marketing campaign for your contracting or home services business.






You know how you always tend to trust someone more when they’re someone’s “guy” or when they’re your “guy?” You have an electrical guy, a painting guy, a landscaping guy and so on. You trust them because you know them, and you’ve spoken to them.

Video marketing lets you do the same, but with hundreds or even thousands of people. By sharing your knowledge on video, and talking directly to your potential customers through their computer screens smartphones, you’re already becoming their remodeling and renovation guy, and you know who they’re going to call when they need work done, right? Their guy. You.






Clients want to know that the contractor and company they are going to be spending money and operating with are both a stand up guy and a company with a solid operation.  You can  walk them through some aspects of a couple of jobs,  in which not only are you showcasing your expertise, but you are allowing them to become familiar with your brand. And that is key to getting them to picking up the phone and calling.






Whether it’s a job that is as simple as repainting the house white again, you’re installing new windows, or a total remodel transformation – DOCUMENT IT!  Even more so, the bigger the transformation, the more impressive it becomes in the minds of homeowners (and investors).   Not only will this impress visitors to your website, but you can promote your video on social media, and it can serve as a model piece that you use for presentations going forward.






Plain and simple, this is a video that promotes your company, services or products. This is where you should also make special internet-only offer, and provide a sweet deal on a service call or repair. Don’t mess around with $10 or $15 off; give them something super enticing to get your foot in the door and keep them as a client for years to come.

Offer a free diagnostic service call, Buyers that use video are smart and selective – so don’t skimp. This is your chance to gain a new customer who may need a new roof, a new HVAC system, or a complete re-plumb today or in the near future.






FAQ videos and how-to posts are other great ways to gain more engagement, because that is what this type of marketing is all about – enticing your viewers.

You truly want to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, not only does this better your chances for conversion, but Google also takes a special interest, which translates to top page placement for your contractor or home services business. Having a professionally produced video  may be the deciding factor for prospects when choosing your company over a competitor.





We have heard the following quite often from contractors:  “Why would I want to show my customer how to do this themselves?  I want them to pay me to do it?”…  Well, the answer is simple.  You are establishing yourself as an expert. If they want to do it themselves, the information is already out there.  Maybe they already know how to do it themselves, and simply don’t have the time.  Regardless, when you give free, meaningful content online, you are only further cementing yourself as a leader in the field.  It won’t cost you any sales, it only creates them.




If you own, manage or are the marketing executive for a contracting or home services company, and you’ve been following digital marketing trends at all, it’s no secret that we’re on track to see video shift and shape the world of marketing more than ever in 2017. And if there’s anything to take away from 2016, it’s that video is no longer an option for marketers — it’s a vital part of any content strategy that wants to taste success. If it’s time to discover how you can reach new audiences and grow your contracting business, then contact us for a FREE initial consultation.







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