Common On Hold Message Mistakes Companies Commit

Common On Hold Message Mistakes Companies Commit

On hold messages are effective because not only do they bring us closer to our callers; they also help in making sales.

The rule for any on hold messageis simple, and that is to keep your caller’s on hold time worthwhile by providing them entertaining and informative messages. However, there are some messages that are used by companies which tend to list down all their products and services in one go.

These types of message on hold usually goes something like this: “Looking for (insert a seemingly endless, long list here)? Perhaps (insert another long list here)? We’ve got it all for you… blah, blah, blah.”

Now you might think that this is a good opportunity for you to present all the things your brand is capable of. But, what you don’t know is that customers usually do not remember some of the things you put in your on hold messages especially when they’re presented like a list or an order form. No matter how good your intentions are, this simply doesn’t work in on hold messages.

If you’re planning to increase your sales, all you have to do is to keep your costumer interested, isn’t that how it always works? You don’t bombard them with too much information; you amuse them. You have to hit the right buttons to make sure they understand the kind of message you want to tell them.

Focusing on one idea at a time is the key to a successful on hold message. See, no one’s interested to listen to a whole bunch of things in one sitting. Trying to accomplish too much will get you nowhere.

Think about your customers, or might as well try putting yourself in the caller’s shoes. What do you want to hear when you’re put on hold? Surely, the waiting time itself is already annoying as it is, so how do you make sure that instead of your callers hanging up, they stay on the other line for another second?

Offering them short, but interesting on hold marketing actually does the trick. You will be surprised at how much you can tell your customers by providing short messages about different products and services with each message telling your callers how you can help. Brief messages are better because the customer’s attention span is short.

Don’t worry; it truly works to your advantage because you can talk about a lot of things at a “limited” time. You’ll be surprised how effective these short messages can be.

Let go of those long lists, okay? Be sure to have a professional scriptwriter to work with you and guide you. We at The Original On Hold, Inc. have the right people to help you sort things out. We don’t want you making the same mistakes like the others did.

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