Choosing The Right Voice for Your On Hold Message

Choosing The Right Voice for Your On Hold Message

The first thing a customer will often hear when calling an organization is their on-hold message. The tone and timber of a voice are two things that can help sell the product or service. It affects the customer’s perception of the brand, their satisfaction with customer service, and their sense of loyalty to a company. It is very important that the voice used in an on-hold message creates a good first impression.

Careful considerations should be directed toward identifying the right voice that will enhance your business opportunity, because a successful  message on hold script is only as good as the voice that reads it.  So, how do you decide whether to use a female or a male voice?

Think about your brand and choose a voice that matches its audience.  It is common for car companies to use a male voice for their ad campaigns. This is simply because their brand is marketed towards men since they are more inclined to purchase than women. The same goes for household products. Women are usual shoppers for these products thus these companies prefer to use a female voice in their ads. But unless your brand is marketed at one of the sexes exclusively, then there shouldn’t be a problem there.

You should also consider the people that would call your company. Callers have certain reactions to voices on the other line. Male callers are less likely to have a preference when it comes to on-hold voice than women, because they favor speed and a short waiting time. A male voice is generally deemed to sound very authoritative and convincing, whilst female voices are generally perceived to be more trustworthy and friendly.

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing a voice for your music on hold recording. It is about knowing a brand’s image inside out, and finding a voice that connects with callers and that they’re more inclined to want to hear and like to listen to. Find the right voice that would positively represent your company and would sound best for your callers.

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