Choosing a Video Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Choosing a Video Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Choosing a Video Marketing Agency for Your Small Business


Small business owners (or any business owner for that matter) all have the same thing in common! They want new customers, and of course without paying a premium cost to acquire said customers. One of the most effective, and cost efficient (as well as mutli-purpose) ways to do this is with an easy to implement small business video marketing plan.

Marketing experts agree that if you haven’t yet found yourself involved in the video content world and you’re a small business owner, now is the time. By 2021, video will represent 82% of internet traffic – which means that whoever doesn’t jump on board will be at a great disadvantage.

For those small businesses that haven’t yet delved into the world of video marketing, you may find yourself wondering, how do I get started? Below we layout the benefits, the various different types of marketing videos to be produced and how to get started.


How video marketing benefits your small business.

You might be thinking: why go to all the trouble of making videos? And more than that, what if you have no experience or skills in video production? Isn’t it expensive and time-consuming?

Fortunately, video doesn’t have to be an overly daunting endeavor when you select the right agency. But before we dig into the actual process of video creation, let’s look at a few of the major benefits video can offer your small business, which we’ll be covering in more detail throughout the guide.

  • Personality

No one likes sterile corporate messaging that lacks personality or charisma. Because video allows you to put a face to your brand, you’re able to form a deeper, more personal connection with your target audience.

  • Traffic

Creating video content is great because search engines prefer it. Hosting your videos on your website and platforms like YouTube and Vimeo increases the chances that you’ll rank high in Google, but you must also make sure to optimize your video and help setting it up your video for success.

  • Engagement

Video can also give your site visitors a better user experience, resulting in lower bounce rates and more time spent on page, something which has measured and seen proven results from when done correctly. So keep an eye on your metrics, and track your video return on investment (ROI).

  • Lead generation

Whether it’s on a landing page, you want to capture information, encourage a sign-up for a newsletter, download an ebook or white paper, etc. Video is the perfect medium to engage viewers  and get them to respond.

  • Higher Conversion

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’re tracking what percent of your visitors ultimately convert. By using simple tactics like adding videos to landing pages to draw attention to your call to action (CTA), or placing links within your videos, you’re increasing the opportunities for visitors to follow through and eventually convert.


What type of video should you create?…

 We know the thought of creating videos can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to decide which types of videos you should make at your business. In fact, we’re constantly saying “There’s a video for that!” and it’s true — creating a video is often a better, more effective way of presenting information.

Below we’ve compiled a short list of the essential types of videos your business can create in order to promote your product, convert leads, and grow your audience.

  • Product Demo Videos

Do you sell a product or service that isn’t easy to explain succinctly? Or maybe you’ve done enough research to know that including video on your product page increases visitors’ time on that page, and thus the likelihood that they might convert.

Product videos show your product’s features and benefits and often include examples of how it works, all while engaging your audience. They’re particularly beneficial for consumers who are in the awareness or consideration stages of the buyer’s journey and need a clear, comprehensive explanation of what you offer.

  • Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are like personal video invitations. Whether you’re inviting guests to a conference, webinar, or office open house, promotional videos pitch your event while giving your audience a feel for your brand.

In these videos, you’ll want to give a brief but detailed overview of the event you’re promoting, along with a Call to Action that encourages viewers to sign up or save the date. Your end goal is to generate leads or attendees by prompting viewers to take an action.

  •  Testimonial Videos

People influence people. From Yelp reviews to Facebook comments, honest reviews can change our opinion of a product or convince us to buy. That’s what makes testimonial videos so valuable.

These videos can clearly show your leads the positive impact that your product has on real people. Hearing from customers’ voices and seeing a product in action is far more engaging than reading a paragraph. In the end, testimonial videos can be indispensable for winning over new customers.

  • Social Video Ads

Whether your social network of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of a bunch of them, the videos you host there can drive traffic to your website or simply live on your profiles to build brand awareness.

Remember, many of your viewers will be quickly scrolling through on their phones and won’t have time to watch longer content. Short and sweet is the name of the social video game. With so many content streams available to both you and your audience, how are you ever supposed to find and connect with each other? One way is to make several different types of videos to promote the same product or campaign.

  • In-Store Video

Standing out online can be tough. However, if you implement a strong video strategy, you’re off to great success. Video in retail is excellent to communicate both with external and with internal audiences. Besides learning how to use your product, your customers also get to know the people behind your organization. Moreover, influencers can help spread an honest and transparent story about your retail business.

By all accounts, it seems as though in-store video can help the customer experience. Screens can be mounted just above the product displays in every checkout lane, creating a dramatic “video wall” across the front end of the supermarket. Shoppers throughout the store can also see the visual displays while they browse, adding to the overall experience with a combination of retailer-branded content and advertising.


Final thoughts … and, How to Get Started!

 As we covered above, video needs to be an integral part of your overall small business marketing strategy, otherwise you may find your brand being left behind!  Any marketing strategy begins with determining the overall goal, and how to create a strategy that will effectively achieve that goal.
Just lawyers are best when comes to law, dentists are best when it comes to your teeth, and a professional video marketing partner is best when it comes to video marketing for your brand. With that said, choosing the wrong agency can be detrimental to your business. So, when choosing the right video partner: know your goals, view samples of their work, discuss the collaborative process and set-up a consultation and ask questions!
Still have questions? Contact Original Video Company and we’ll provide a FREE, no-obligation, Discovery session and we can help answer these and many others questions.


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