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Can Your Brand Benefit from Adopting a Signature Scent?

Can Your Brand Benefit from Adopting a Signature Scent?

 Can Your Brand Benefit from Adopting a Signature Scent?


Have you ever walked into a room or business room and felt like “hmm, it smells good!” It is important to note that scent has the power of influencing our moods and the way we associate with those around us. This is because our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions, feelings, memories, and the overall perception we have towards life. It is through the importance of olfactory senses that most business enterprises out there are boosting the overall sales and attracting customers towards the business.

For a brand there are some very important factors to consider when choosing its own Signature Scent. Scent marketing should be designed as the olfactory logo of a brand. The scent should match the company values, and be directed to appeal to its particular target market. Below we’ll cover more about the powerful impact of scent marketing and how your brand can benefit from this exciting strategy.


What Is a Signature Scent?

A signature scent is referred to as the personalized scent of an individual or an organization. It could be a specific perfume that an individual or an organization associates with them. Most of the brands out there are known to have personalized signature scents that can help them in differentiating from their competitors. The brand’s signature scent can help businesses in establishing a strong emotional connect with the consumers that tends to last for long.

One of the largest markets out there that effectively makes use of the scent marketing strategy is the hotel & hospitality industry. This industry makes use of personalized signature scents to leave an everlasting impression on the consumers and make them comfortable & at home.


How Does Scent Marketing Work?

Once your business has work with a professional scenting agency to come up with the personalized signature scent, it can help in representing your brand. Signature scenting can be diffused across the consumer touch point effectively. This implies that every time a consumer with the brand, they will experience the same scent. Subconsciously, they will continue interacting with the signature scent of your brand.


Benefits of Having a Signature Scent for Brands.


  • Creating Sensory Signature: Some businesses can attract the potential customers by creating signature scents that help in increasing the overall brand identity & loyalty. It can help brands distinguish themselves from the competitors in the market.


  • Affects Mood: As your customers walk through the door of your business setup, you would definitely want them to feel relaxed, content, and ready to do business. Matching the right scent with the mood of the guests or customers can help in boosting their overall moods positively.


  • Improving Perception: The first impressions of the customers are vital. The brief amount that the customers interact with your business can influence their overall shopping experience. Signature scenting marketing can help significantly in this case.


  • Increase Sales: There’s no better reason to use scent marketing than that of increasing sales. A UK based market research company study proved that retailers can increase sales by as much as 19% by using scents in their stores.  In another example, an appliance and electronics store reports an increase in sales of 33% by adding apple pie  and sugar cookie scents to their sales floors. If you need just one reason to add scent marketing to your customer experience, this is it.


  • Enhance Customer Experiences: Today, many companies are adding scent to their customer experience in order to establish an even stronger connection. They’re discovering that scent not only provides a more pleasant experience. It’s a fact that 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment.


  • Odor Remediation:  Lingering malodors in your interior can drastically affect how people view your business. From eliminating a strong tobacco odor from a Las Vegas casino to curing a commercial building of an ongoing skunk smell issue, scenting provides for effective odor remediation unlike off-the-shelf products.



Final Thoughts…

With over $200 million in sales, and a predicted annual growth of 10%, scent marketing is coming of age.  The tactic also is gaining traction among businesses hoping to drum up sales, thanks to research that has shown the right scent can open people’s wallets, increase brand loyalty, create greater customer values and enhanced word of mouth recommendations.

However, many businesses have yet to take advantage of this new marketing touchpoint.  If your business could benefit from increased profits, stronger brand loyalty and customers who are more relaxed and happier, then contact Scentsational Impressions to talk about implementing a signature scent at your brand — it just makes sense.


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