Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video For a Better Customer Experience

Can You Benefit from Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video?

Can You Benefit from Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video?

Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video For a Better Customer Experience


You’ve likely seen in-store/waiting room video at businesses you visit, your competitors are incorporating it into their locations, and you’re probably wondering whether or not you should consider adding it to your overall marketing strategy?

In-Store/Waiting Room video is a combination of interactive media and marketing strategies customized to suit a broad range of needs for businesses, brands, and venues. It is commonly used as menu boards, point of purchase and interactive kiosks, and informational screens that educate, entertain, and engage customers, clients, and patients.

Due to it’s flexibility and adaptability, in-store/waiting room video is used at a variety of businesses,  everything from fast food restaurants and high-end hotels to physician waiting rooms, retail stores, and commercial showrooms. Let’s take a look below at the many uses and benefits of in-store/waiting room video, and what it can do for a business. So, let’s get started.
Implementing custom branded waiting room video  is a great opportunity for businesses to entertain, inform, and cross-sell customers while they wait.  Additionally, when you engage and entertain patients while in your sitting area, the perceived “wait time” decreases,thus you create happier patients.

 In-Store Video Displays

Fact: 29.5% of customers find in-store/waiting room video influential for the purchase of a product.



As you’ve discovered above, waiting room videos provide a variety of opportunities to educate, engage and provide a superior patient experience in your waiting area. When it comes to in-store video, the opportunities are also seemingly endless. A custom in-store video display teaches and educates prospects and customers about your business, products and services.

You can also drive traffic to other valuable marketing channels, such as a website, email sign up page, or social media profile, where visitors can opt-in and share contact information. Additionally, a custom in-store video display will also boost the customer’s perception of your brand, and research has shown that it’s highly effective in aiding customer recall and retention of displayed information. But, best of all, studies show 1 in 5 customers will make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured in a video.


Ready to Get Started?

Customer experience is pretty much everything today. According to Deloitte, 62% of companies now see the customer experience as the key competitive differentiator. This focus has become so important that Gartner sees that over 50% of companies will put more of their overall investments into customer experience strategies and innovations by 2018.

Video marketing has been pegged as one of the most engaging ways to create an effective customer experience. It connects with customers in a way that basic static information cannot. If you’re ready to begin reaping the benefits of in-store video or waiting room video, contact Original On Hold and we’ll provide an in-depth discovery session to create solutions that can boost sales and the overall in-store customer experience with visual messaging.

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