Profits Never Smelled Better Than with Scent Marketing

Profits Never Smelled Better than With Scent Marketing

Profits Never Smelled Better than With Scent Marketing

Profits Never Smelled Better Than with Scent Marketing




Did you know that there’s profits and productivity hiding right under your nose? Regardless of your business environment, marketers often incorporate specific elements in spaces such as lighting, colors and background music all designed to evoke certain feelings and emotions from consumers about the brand.

While scent marketing may be less obvious to business owners, however, they should however also be putting some serious thought toward how that environment smells. It’s easy to forget about smell, because so much of it happens at a subconscious level, but when it comes to evoking emotions, smell is the king of the senses.

Although scent marketing was first introduced to control unpleasant odors, businesses are discovering that using the technology to disperse ambient scents that fill a space with a targeted smell not only provides a more pleasant experience, but studies show that it increases the bottom line as well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a retail business, hotel, spa, healthcare providers, etc. the statistics are pretty clear on the benefits of scenting.


Let’s take a look below on how important smell can be to your business?


A Net Cost supermarket in Brooklyn, N.Y., infused the store with aromas of foods that would entice customers, such as grapefruit in the produce section, or chocolate in the candy aisle. The stores merchandise coordinator reported that sales went up at least 7% since they were installed.


A convenience store that started pumping the smell of coffee near the gas pumps saw coffee purchases increase 300%.


Dr. Alan R. Hirsch conducted an experiment in casinos, which found that the amount gambled in the scented area increased by more than 45%.


63% of MRI patients who inhaled a vanilla aroma reported reduced anxiety before a procedure, compared to just 4% of patients who didn’t, according to one study.



Scent not only provides a more pleasant experience, but it increases the bottom line as well.

There’s perhaps no better reason to use scent marketing than that of increasing sales. Matching the right scent to a business’s marketing strategy can improve the perception of a product’s quality and encourage the customer to interact with the product longer.

For example, a UK based market research company study proved that retailers can increase sales by as much as 19% by using scents in their stores. In another example, an appliance and electronics store reports an increase in sales of 33% by adding apple pie and sugar cookie scents to their sales floors.  If you need just one reason to add scent marketing to your customer experience, this is it.


Final Thoughts.

When looking at the statistics of scent marketing, it sounds like something you should probably look into, doesn’t it? The bottom line is that there’s a direct correlation between scent marketing and increased sales. And what’s even more remarkable is that it seems to work almost regardless of the scent (as long as it’s something pleasant and appropriate), and it seems to have positive effects almost across the board.

Using a signature scent is just one more way marketers can distinguish their brand from the competition. If your business isn’t employing scent marketing yet, contact Scentsational Impressions, and we’ll get you started with a risk-free 30 day trial at your business.

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