Business Background Music Elevates Customer Experiences

Business Background Music Elevates Customer Experiences

Business Backgrond Music Elevates Customer Experiences


Sensory experiences are a crucial part of modern marketing, and music plays a major role as it not only affects customers’ moods, but when you have right background music, you can enhance consumer experience and create a positive emotional connection to your business.

Most business owners know that background music aids in the creation of a great atmosphere and is generally good for the business. Today, creating a positive customer experience is especially crucial and  new research shows just how important background music is in accomplishing just that.

Music as “sensory branding” works at a subconscious level so THE most important question for business owners and managers to ask themselves is, “How do I want my customers to feel when they’re in my space?”



  • Retail
    • 90% of customers would choose a store that is playing music over one that isn’t.
    • 60% of customers will spend longer in a store that is playing music.
  • Restaurants / Bars
    • 73 % of owners/managers said playing music in their establishment increased their revenue.
    • 84% of owners/mangers surveyed said music created a better atmosphere for their customers.
  • Salons & Spas
    • 80+% of customers said silence makes a business feel unfriendly & unwelcoming.
    • 71% of salons say that they can positively influence customer’s behavior with music.
  • Doctors & Dentists
    • 75% of patients feel happier & more relaxed when music was playing.
    • 66%+ of patients surveyed said listening to music made the visit feel less frightening and were more tolerant while waiting.
    • Music also provides privacy for sensitive discussions with the doctor/medical staff (HIPPA regulations).


Avoid Getting It Wrong!

So as the facts prove, business background music is a perfect tool for creating atmosphere, brand identity and a positive customer experience. On the flip side, there are many pitfalls to playing the wrong music. Many times brands don’t put enough thought into the music they use; or, they make the mistake of playing music that they like instead of music that will benefit the business. You have to realize the importance of  your background music and how it can affect your business.

If you don’t take the the time to get the music right, you can end up ill-fitting soundtracks which negatively affects the customer experience in your space, and this ultimately leads to lower levels of customer satisfaction and sales. Just as you put plenty of thought (and money!) into the interior design of your business such as signage, furnishings, decor, etc inside your business, it’s equally important to have a well thought out music strategy for the customer in-store experience.


Music to Your Ears!

For this reasons mentioned above about what happens when you get the music experience wrong, you should employ business music service professionals who will create a custom playlist, rather than playing just any old music inside your business.  Business background music professionals know that when you do take the time to choose your music thoughtfully, you’ll create a more memorable experience for your customers, which will positively impact sales.

The most important thing to remember is that the music and ambiance you create plays a great role in how long customers will stay, how much they will spend, and what perception of your business. When you play the right background music and find that sweet spot,it becomes a competitive tool for business owners to enhance the customer experience for customers and increase sales at the same time.


Got Questions?

If you have questions about how to get started with the right background music for your business than give us a call, or request a free business music design consultation. Our business music (and message) services are designed for today’s music conscious brands. We understand the power of music and audio, and how to use it to connect to your customers. We help create the right vibe and get customers in tune with your brand!


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