Branded On Hold Messages Help To Remind Customers About Everything Your Business Can Offer, So They Don’t Have A Chance To Forget About You!

Branded On Hold Messages Help To Remind Customers About Everything Your Business Can Offer, So They Don’t Have A Chance To Forget About You!

Never assume that even your most reliable customers are completely aware of all the products and services you offer: in fact, you need to remind them regularly. People don’t always remember you, and they definitely don’t think about your business as much as you do. If you don’t remind them about your business, then it’s likely you won’t come to mind when they need your product or service, or when making a referral.

There are many viable marketing tools available to help you remind customers about your business, such as email marketing, postcards and newsletters, although these methods are often met with limited success. Why? Email campaigns often end up in spam never getting in front of the recipients eyes, and snail-mail is often screened by staff causing expensive postcards or newsletters to be tossed in the trash before ever reaching the desk of its intended reader.

At a time when corporate budgets are tight, business owners and marketers alike should be paying closer attention to the use of telephone on hold message programming. Why? Well for starters it doesn’t end up in spam, and it doesn’t get tossed in the trash, but what is does provide for is lower marketing costs, with less risk and more reward when it comes to reminding customers and prospects about your entire business portfolio of offerings.

Consider this, according to ICM Research Institute, 70% of all business calls are placed on hold. And, in a benchmarking analysis conducted by ifbyphone, a voice-automated software company for the call center industry, showed the average hold time across large, medium and small business categories shows the average hold time at businesses ay 56 seconds. Message on-hold allows you to reach this highly targeted audience, without the high costs usually associated with trying to attract more business.

Remember this, marketing typically has three broad goals: inform, persuade, remind. Think about it, a person calling your business has already an interest in your product or service, is there a better time to remind them about your other offerings then when you have their undivided attention? Not only are custom music on hold and messages an affordable and efficient media to remind callers about your entire range of product/service offerings, but it can also help to remind customers and raise awareness about customer loyalty programs and those valuable referral reward offers!

While you’ve probably been doing business with the same customers for quite some time, don’t assume that every one of your customers knows fully about your company and its products and services. With the pace of modern business life, employee turnover and range of product choices, some customers will lose touch with what you do. It’s not the customers job to remember you, as a business owner or marketer, it’s your responsibility and obligation to create top of mind awareness so they don’t have a chance forget about you!

It’s always useful to remind customers about you! So, how are you reminding people that you’re in business? Take a look at your customer interactions. Are you taking the opportunity to remind them why you are special? Do your customers know? Do you remind them? You never know there may be fresh opportunities around the corner by doing this, because if you want your customers to buy from you, you need to remind them that they should do exactly that!

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