Case Study: Attorney Video Marketing The DUI Law Firm

Case Study: Attorney Video Marketing The DUI Law Firm

Attorney & Law Firm Video Marketing


Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers is a leading DUI law firm specializing in DUI arrests. In fact their entire practice is dedicated to this specific area of law. The firm is made up of former DUI prosecutors and defense attorneys.


When it comes to legal matters, certainly there’s no shortage of attorneys. In order to try and separate themselves from the very crowded marketplace, Pennsylvania DUI Law Firm decided to try their hand at creating their own videos in-house in order to help grow their intake of new cases, and create brand awareness.

The videos were recorded using their iphone and some software, and once they were completed they tried a few video marketing campaigns on facebook, youtube and other video platforms, as well as on  their website and even used them to air on local tv stations.

It wasn’t too long after  investing a lot in time and money, they realized that their videos weren’t having much success, and not giving them any return on their investment. Here’s a helpful tip for attorneys or law firms reading this study: If you’ve been creating your own videos, and if your viewers are not calling you after watching your videos, you’ve got a problem. A big problem.




In all honesty, many potential clients won’t care about a promotional video for your firm. Most people are looking for information and want to know how to solve their legal problems.

We devised and implemented a online and social video marketing campaign strategy that entailed:

  • Presenting the firm a valuable resource.
  • Branding tool to introduce the attorneys at the firm and describe their experience, and what makes them qualified to represent a client in a DUI case.
  • Educate, since the average person is unlikely to be familiar what happens in the event of a DUI arrest, and how the court works, the video provides helpful information.
  • Get them noticed by potential clients and referral sources.


After just 2 months, the DUI Firm saw impressive increases in their website and social traffic, as well as  conversion rates, revenue, and ROI from their video marketing campaign. In fact, tracking methods showed that after a mere 6 months, these statistics increased by more than 236%.

Are you an attorney, or law firm looking to get better results with video? Give us a call for a free, no-obligation discovery session to learn more.

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