Are You Using On Hold Messages to Communicate Time Sensitive Offers

Are You Using On Hold Messages to Communicate Time Sensitive Offers

“How do you communicate with your customers or prospects?” “ Are you sending your messages effectively?” “What are your ways in informing clients about time sensitive issues?” These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself when you’re crafting messages to your customers. Remember that creating a message to be delivered to your customers is the most crucial aspect in marketing.

Effective communication, no matter how we deliver it, is important in creating a bigger impact to our clients which will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. Surely, with the advent of different communication tools like social media, it has become easier for us to reach out to our clients because we can respond to their queries in real-time.

However, despite the convenience that new media is providing us, traditional forms of business communication like on hold messages should still not be completely ignored.Yes,Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks allow you to establish rapport and interact with your fans or followers, message on hold, on the other hand, is more focused on communicating time sensitive information.

For instance, when you’re changing operating hours, moving to a different location, or when you’re trying to promote any seminars, trade shows or time sensitive promotional offers, then informing customers through your message on hold is highly recommended! This is because people still prefer to call companies rather than post some tweet or message on their profiles when they’re faced with specific issues or when they have concerns. In addition, you should also take into consideration that not everyone is following you, or some of your customers may not have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Besides, the best way to communicate these things is through a medium where you’ll have the customer’s unwavering attention, and this is where professional on hold messaging come in.

On hold messages allow your callers to understand specific details of your announcement. Not only that, they’ll be able to appreciate it more when you inform  them of these things personally, rather than just posting something online. Again, not all of your customers are your followers and not all of your customers have social media accounts.

Think of on hold messaging as social media, but for your telephone!  You can give out info to customers, prospects and  “listeners” which would be the equivalent to fans or followers! This is why many businesses are encouraged to update their on hold message scripts to make sure that they’re communicating the latest news, and not some event that’s already happened a few months back.

By being able to use all the possible different mediums, you’ll be able to create a positive reputation for your brand as well as project a reliable, effective, and informative persona towards your audiences. Think about the message your audience will be hearing, as it’s a crucial part in on hold marketing. Your messages will define who you are as a business, so make sure that you’re communicating them effectively.

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