Animal Hospital On Hold Message Client Case Study Results

Animal Hospital On Hold Message Client Case Study Results

Animal Hospital On Hold Message Client Case Study Results


Animal Hospital On Hold Message Client Case Study:

With more than 40,000 animal hospital clinics in North America, pet owners certainly have lots of choices when it comes to whom they choose to take care of their furry friends’ pet care needs. While most veterinarians enter the field due to a passion for the care and well-being of animals, it by no means is an easy job. Animal Hospital practice owners and managers face a number of challenges every day, especially the difficult tasks related to owning and operating a business. With so much day-to-day work, it can be easy to lose sight of the marketing techniques to stay engage and connected with clients – the lifeblood of your practice!


The Client

White Rock Veterinary Animal Hospital is an AAHA accredited,  30 year old, full-service animal hospital. They have three doctors, a caring and compassionate staff, and a very buy practice. They have invested in some of the most advanced technology and equipment assuring the utmost excellence in pet care. In addition, they also provide luxurious boarding and grooming services.


The Issue:

Despite the fact that White Rock Veterinary Animal Hospital has been in business for over 30 years, and having a busy practice, they were losing market share to those larger, corporate consolidated animal hospitals. They needed  a successful way,  (without breaking the bank) to communicate that they were as well-equipped with advanced technology and services as those corporate type hospitals, and reaffirm being the local community’s trusted source for the utmost excellence in pet care and wellness, and other related services for the past 30 years.

The experience a client has within a practice determines whether they will return, and what they will tell their friends, families and social media. While all hospitals want to provide excellent service, they often times may don’t employ the tools needed to enure the client has an exceptional experience, especially when calling into the practice and the caller experience.


The Solution:

According to Stanford Research Institute – The average client in your practice can’t name 3 services you offer other than what their pet has been in for. Since the telephone is often the first interaction, we conducted a study of their incoming calls, call volume, etc  — and what we discovered is that, first when callers were place on hold they waited in dead-silence. This is an obvious problem on many levels, but when it comes to the caller experience and caller abandonment.

You see as soon as any practice opens for the day, the telephone never stops! Often there are messages left overnight to book an appointment for current day, calls need to be returned, surgeries need to be scheduled, pets are being dropped off, etc.  So we showed White Rock Veterinary Animal Hospital how they could use “on-hold time” as one of their best marketing allies, by implement professionally produced, custom branded on hold messaging.


Here’s what we did to build awareness, increase sales and ensure a great caller experience:

  • Our creative team crafted custom branded on hold messaging to convey to waiting callers that there’s no need to look elsewhere for their pet care needs.
  • Additionally, we created messages to prompt callers to inquire about lesser known services such as micro-chipping, boarding and grooming services
  • A planned strategy was designed so that the messaging would also include a variety of topics that are updated from month to month, such as flea and tick prevention, heartworm disease, vaccinations, wellness exams and more.
  • Last but but not least, we also included content to promote referral programs to help grow the patient base, and well as social media platforms to stay connected with customers once their call is completed.

Here’s a sample: 



The Result

Practice Manager Ashley Colman says: “The ultimate goal of veterinary marketing activities is to continuously develop and foster existing client relationships while also improving new client acquisition. We also know that to make a practice successful, we must also be business-minded.  Callers are a captive audience, and Original On Hold has created a way to add value to unavoidable wait time. We’ve had positive feedback and response from our message on hold system. Better yet,  we’ve seen a measurable increase in the sales of products and services mentioned in ads, as well as an increase in our referral programs. The bottom line;good phone service is good business, and the on hold messages created by Original On Hold will help grow our practice exponentially. It’s simple, if you show your clients that they have called a warm, caring environment with a qualified staff, you’ll have happier clients and higher profits! ”

If you own or manage an Animal Hospital practice and want to improve the caller experience, then start your risk-free custom demo to hear what your hospital can sound like, or Contact Original On Hold today!

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