An On Hold Message No-No Is Giving a Laundry List Of Products Callers Won’t be Able to Retain

An On Hold Message No-No Is Giving a Laundry List Of Products Callers Won’t be Able to Retain

On hold messages are known as effective tools to market your products and services. Now, what most companies usually do with their message on hold is they include everything they offer in just one message, throwing in literally everything but the kitchen sink! If you’re thinking that callers will see  you as an industry expert this way, you may actually be doing more harm to those precious marketing moments than good.

Your on hold message will never work when you present callers with a seemingly endless laundry list of products. Why? Because it will come off as information overload, or they will just ignore the ad all together since they will think that it’s just a litany of products and services they can avail.

Furthermore, make sure that your message on hold is composed of short, helpful messages since a caller’s attention span only runs for a few minutes. You don’t want them to get bored and frustrated, right? Besides, you want them to remember your products and your messages, not just let them listen mindlessly to your message.

So, how do you make your on hold messageswork?

First, you have to pique your callers’ interest by touching on their most pressing needs; focus on one idea at a time, the one that you think suits best for the season or the situation.

Once you’ve got a hold of their attention, they’ll surely listen to everything else you’ll say. Chances are, when they realize that you provide some serious quality business, they’ll ask for more information about your brand or the products and services that you offer when they finally get a hold of you on the other line. You can even tell them to check your website to learn more about what you have to offer.

In creating on hold message script copy, the most important thing you should think about is your customers. After all, your message is for them. So, before you start crafting your message, consider the reason why they’re calling you and how you can solve their problems. That way, you can deliver a more effective on hold message.

If you’re worried that customers will not see you as worthy of your time, please don’t. We at The Original On Hold Inc.  assure you that nothing can go wrong with a professionally-crafted on hold message. Have faith!

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