An In-Store Business Music Strategy Can Increase Sales By 42%!

An In-Store Business Music Strategy Can Increase Sales By 42%!

When it comes to in-store background music for your business, know this…there’s more to creating a customer experience, than shuffling a playlist of your favorite tunes. Below we’ll look at how music can influence your customers, cost you big bucks in litigation if you’re not playing music legally, and how you can bring your business music to the foreground of your customer experience strategy.

Did you know it is illegal to play Pandora at your store unless you have a Pandora Business account? It says right in the legal agreement when you sign up! “Pandora is for personal use only, if you are playing Pandora over loudspeakers at your business for your clients or customers, this is considered commercial use and is not permitted by our music licenses or Terms of Use.” The same goes for your gold old fashioned radio station. Playing the radio to patrons requires the necessary performance licenses to do so. This means that you can’t play Pandora, or local radio for the patrons in your bar, coffee shop, etc.”

Think nobody’s watching (or listening)? Think again! … The Kwik-Fit chain of auto repair shops knows this all too well. PRS (Performing Right Society) sued Kwik-Fit for more than $300,000 for infringing upon copyright by broadcasting music in public. As a business owner, I would imagine you probably have better things to do with your time than be sued over the music you play to patrons.

Some businesses don’t play music, and others do so without much though behind it. If you want your customers to stick around and buy more, than instead of opting for sources in which you have no control over the content being broadcasted like radio, Pandora, etc., you should consider a custom branded mix of music and messages.

Dozens of academic studies have identified the significant effects of music on customers and how it can impact on your sales! Research has found that background music influences buying decisions, even if shoppers are unaware of what is being played. One study in which wine buyers were exposed classical music shoppers spent significantly more money. Not by purchasing more wine… but by buying higher-priced wines. Additionally, according to an Abitron retail study, when adding custom branded marketing messages to your music mix, 42% of shoppers bought an item that was promoted in the in-store music and messages.

Having a custom mix of overhead business music and branded messages is like having your very own natural-sounding radio station that helps you promote your business and promotions. It’s an easy way to connect with your customers, create positive customers emotions and influence shoppers to BUY MORE! When you’re in control of your overhead music, you can help boost sales, improve customer happiness and enhance the customer experience.

In-store audio is powerful because it can’t be ignored – while customers can overlook imagery, they can’t prevent themselves from hearing what’s going on around them. You can close your eyes, but you can’t turn off your ears! Have comments or questions about custom branded in-store business music and messaging? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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