All On Hold Companies Sound Alike – Not!

All On Hold Companies Sound Alike – Not!

You probably think that most on hold companies are alike. After all, every on hold message works the same, right? Round up a few paragraphs together, get a voice talent to read it, put on some upbeat music to make it sound more lively, and voila! You’re supposed to have a professional on hold message playing over your telephone systems. Well, that may be the strategy of other so-called top-notch companies: throw some paragraphs together, have someone read it, add music, and send it over to their clients. However, we at The Original On Hold Inc do it differently.

Since our founding in 1990, we have always believed that companies need something more than just passages taken from brochures and websites for their on hold messages to work. During this era, messages on hold are already a hated commodity because it doesn’t save the callers from the long, boring queue. Instead, it makes them feel like they don’t have any choice but to go through these advertisements just to be able to talk to someone decent and professional.

As pioneers in this industry, we take pride at being able to experience and work with lots of companies – from small businesses to Fortune 500’s- that’s why we are confident in providing innovative, cutting edge audio marketing services for more than two decades now. And because we all came from a marketing background, we have a better and greater understanding of how marketing works. Over the years, we have framed a particular strategy that will take any caller’s on hold experience to a whole new level. After all, “Every minute counts” and “You don’t get a second chance at giving a first impression” are the principles that kept us going so that we can continuously improve the customized on hold recordings we create.

So to produce an excellent on hold message, we need to make sure that the message you want to impart to your callers gets across clearly. That said, we don’t just make use of the sentences from your About Us page or lines from the brochure you’ve created for a particular trade show. We want you to craft your message by talking about your products and services; after all, it’s your brand. Who knows it best more than you, right? To ensure outstanding output, you work closely with our talented team of message on hold scriptwriters, so that the words will sound right, and be interesting and compelling for callers.

Then, you’ll audition and select the voice talent that will best represent your branding image. The sound of your music on hold and message will sound different if you’re a tire company or a plumbing company, which would sound dependable and trustworthy vis-à-vis a health care provider, which would have a more compassionate and caring tone. We believe that no companies should sound alike because each company has a particular target market, and each has qualities that make them unique from their competitor!

Once the final editing is done with licensed music added in the message, the on hold message produced undergoes a thorough review to ensure good quality. As much as possible, we need to make sure that the final product is flawless. A single mistake in pronunciation or grammar can tarnish the client’s credibility and image. You see, we guarantee products of top-quality because we don’t want to compromise your brand as well as ours. We always think of how you can best deliver an exemplary customer service that your callers will definitely enjoy.

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