Adding an On hold Message will improve your “Brand Experience!”

Adding an On hold Message will improve your “Brand Experience!”

Have you ever considered the fact that your brand isn’t a logo, stationary, the sign outside your business or even your website? A major part of your brand has nothing to do with your name, catchy slogan, or cool jingle. It’s about the experience your customer or client has when they do business with you a/k/a the “brand experience”. In fact, everything about your brand is the experience. You can take the same exact steak and sell it for $20 or $60. What’s the difference between the two? …When dining at the $60 steak restaurant, it was the gracious host who welcomed you in…how the staff catered to you with the utmost perfection….the ambiance of the restaurant. It was all about the “presentation” of your meal, and most importantly how  the experience made you feel. So with that in mind, a big part of a your brand strategy should include what your brand experience will also be like.

One of the immediate areas to look at to consider your “brand experience” should start  with your  telephone.  Why? …Because whether yourt business is offline or online, people still prefer to use the telephone to connect with a real person. The most relied upon media by business’ to effectively manage their  telephone brand experience is with on hold messages. It boils down to this: when you place a caller on hold what does that experience say about your brand? Well, if you are ignoring customers with dead silence – it says nothing! Actually, it says a lot. It says you don’t really care about your callers! And if you’re playing cheesy elevator music on hold, well “kudos” to you for not forcing callers to wait in silent on hold, however, it still says nothing to a captive, listening audience about your brand, or help to improve your callers telephone brand experience.

Think your callers brand experience doesn’t really matter, or that it doesn’t really affect your business? Think again! Caller abandonment (hang-ups) are at all time highs, costing businesses as much as 60% of potential revenues. Can you really afford to lose 60% of potential revenues?

Take a look at some of these other studies:

“41% of American consumers have initiated a purchase over the phone in the last year.” American Teleservices Association

“94% of all marketing budgets are spent on inducing a customer to call, while only 6% is spent on handling the call once it is received.” – Inbound Telephone Call Center

“34% of callers who hang up will not call back.” – Voice Response, Inc.

When a client, customer or patient is on hold, this is the only time where they can only think of “your firm”  — imagine the powerful things you can tell them. An on hold message is not only a contemporary way of entertaining your customers, and providing a positive brand impression/experience, it’s also yet also never failing to inform them about your products. So when you combine  the right style of music with the right marketing message, it builds brand credibility with your listener, and is the smartest way of assuring callers a postive telephone brand experience.

Are you interested in having one for your company but don’t think you have the budget? Don’t fret. How would you like to hear what your brand can sound like, before you make a purchasing commitment?  The Original On Hold, Inc. offers  the opportunity for prospective clients to hear before they buy with our risk-free on hold system trial.  We’ll write, edit it, produce it, and let you audition it, all entirely risk free. You can also update and keep your on hold script content fresh with little extra cost. We think you’ll agree. We can make your brand sound “Original”.

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