A Brand With No Sound, Is Not A Sound Business Strategy!

A Brand With No Sound, Is Not A Sound Business Strategy!

In a world where everything is centering around seeing and being seen, the presence of having a custom brand sound has truly become pivotal. Since people hear things where they are not necessarily looking, one does not have to listen to hear, whereas one does need to be looking in order to see!

Sound, particularly music, has a strong memory trigger that heightens the brain’s ability to recall that visual branding alone cannot achieve. Yet brands so often fail to use custom audio branding to emotionally connect with customers. Just think of how easily you can recognize the T-Mobile ringtone, the Intel tones. It’s no wonder custom audio branding has become one of the fastest growing segments in marketing.  When Intel’s five-note chime (DUMM! Dum dum dum dum!) was introduced in the mid-’90s, it caused a revolution in applying sound to brands. Just think, if you could make an invisible device like a microprocessor irresistible with a few notes of music, then you’re your brand too can also enjoy similar success.

Although certainly not a new concept, custom audio branding is becoming an increasingly strong vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers. Today’s savvy marketers know that its audiences are always just an ear-shot away! Are you taking advantage of one of the brain’s most powerful memory senses – sound?

One thing to remember is that your phone system is your first point of contact with customers – you need to present a professional image. After all, you wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in sweatpants! Instead of procuring a professional audio branding agency for their automated attendant menu, Often times companies try to create their own recordings to play over the phone – particularly in the case of auto attendant messages that direct callers to the right department. Many companies make a fatal mistake of thinking they’ll just use someone internally to save costs. One can only assume that their thought process is, “since we have a lot of people on staff surely we can find someone with a nice voice”. In general, this approach never turns out well. Your brand and image are crucial, so this is not something that should not be neglected, and instead you should be looking to step up your game.

The same is true of your telephone on hold audio branding. Once again this is something that shouldn’t be neglected, or use a do-it-yourself approach – This should definitely be left to the professionals. Case in point! Recently a long-term client attempted to save a few bucks by creating their own on hold message. The client said he’ll use garage band, have an employee read into a mic (um, this does require a sound-proof room FYI!), and grab some music off the web he had heard (Big No-No. Do not use music that you don’t have the licensing rights to use!)and viola!

However as this client discovered first-hand, it’s not a simple as you think. Within about 2 weeks or less, this client called and although somewhat embarrassed, asked us to listen to his recording and if we would produce his new messages. The result of his do-it-yourself approach was an absolute branding nightmare. The voice was rushed, mumbled and static sounding, the background music was too loud and fade ins/fade-outs were a disaster. In addition to receiving complaints from callers about this new homemade recording which was hugely damaging to his image, the client also received notification that the music he used was copywritten and he did not have the licensing rights to use.

How does your business sound? Are you leveraging the power of sound in your marketing communication? With custom audio branding, you’re able to transform the caller experience through sound, generate a higher brand value, boost communication efficiency, improve the quality of consumer interactions and drive more sales.

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