8 Tips To Consider When Crafting Telephone On Hold Message Ads

8 Tips To Consider When Crafting Telephone On Hold Message Ads

While I agree that on the outside looking in message on hold advertising isn’t necessarily a very “sexy” thing, but there’s a lot more that goes into crafting those perfect words to create that magic script copy that will be, well – music to your caller’s ears (as well as your bottom line!).

Have you wondered what kind of things you should mention in your message on-hold programming? Better yet, have you considered the things that should be avoided in your on hold ads?

While most business owners are very good at what they do, that doesn’t mean they are the most qualified for crafting the perfect on-hold script to shape your audio branding. For this reason, we recommend consulting with copywriting professionals, experienced in message on hold advertising — after all they are the experts at transforming the on hold experience into a positive interaction.

With that said, if you’re compelled to dive in and take the do-it-yourself approach, here are 8 Tips from senior copywriter at The Original On Hold to help guide you.

Your starting point.  First ask yourself, “What do my clients or prospects want to or need to know?” Not “What do I want to say.” There is a difference! Focus on solving common pains, so keep that in mind to use this within your copy to create a helpful, informative and valuable experience.

Write your copy as if you’re speaking to just one person.  I Also, use caller-focused pronouns (you and your) and avoid too many first person pronouns (I and we). If you’re not speaking directly to them, then they feel as though they are a spectator. But if you embrace their perception that it’s just you and them, then you can speak (write) directly to them, making your message resonate on a much more personal level.

Watch your language! If your callers don’t use your company or industry jargon, don’t use it in your on hold messaging as it will go over their head, thus causing you to lose this unique opportunity to communicate with them one-on-one.

Tease your callers.  Don’t give them all the facts. Provide just enough information to pique their interest, then include a dynamic call to action: “Ask about our special discount offer when we return”…or “Visit the New Products page of our website right now to learn more.”

• Focus on the needs and interests of your target audience. Resist any temptation to brag about your company. Instead, help your customers and prospects to see how your products and services can help them meet their goals or solve their problems.

Consider the amount of time your average caller spends on hold. If it’s 15 seconds, don’t write a minute messages, as no one will ever hear (or retain) it. Even if you have longer than normal hold times, be sure to keep your copy short and concise. The shorter the message, the easier it’ll be for your callers to understand, retain, and take the action your messages should be asking them to take.

Avoid negative statements. Callers already perceive being on hold as a negative, so don’t make matters worse by using canned, meaningless phrases such as “Thank you for holding” or “Thank you for waiting, or We’re sorry you’ve been placed on hold.” The words “holding” and “waiting” only reinforce the negative aspect of being on hold. Instead, use positive phrases, such as “We’re glad you’ve called today” or “We appreciate your call.”

What products/services do you want to grow? While you should be crafting on-hold content that provides and engaging and positive customer service experience, you can still include compelling information to garner more sales! When done correctly, upselling or cross-selling is easy to do in your on hold message. Do you offer companion products or services? If so, then focus on the conveying the benefits they will get, when they choose these additional products/services.

In my 18 years of copywriting, I’ve don’t it all from messaging on-hold, radio and television. My last bit of advice is; “Tell them what THEY want to hear, not what you want to say”! When you’re done, read the script aloud or to an associate. Do you stumble at any particular word or phrase? If so, Rewrite it. Does something sound not-quite-right? If so, Rewrite it.

So, there you have it, these are my 8 tips for the do-it-yourselfer. Are you struggling to come up with the perfect copy for your on hold ad? Give The Original On Hold a call. Our savvy copywriting team will create the perfect blend of marketing messages to enhance your caller’s wait on hold and brand experience.

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