7 Ways to Use Marketing Videos for Your Healthcare Practice

7 Ways to Use Marketing Videos for Your Healthcare Practice

7 Ways to Use Video Marketing for Your Healthcare Practice


The healthcare industry is growing quickly as 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day. According to a study completed last year by Google, 57% of the Boomer generation have searched online for health information. A survey done by the National Research Corporation  showed 20% of respondents rely on social networking for health information and of those, 94% use Facebook as their number one source. Are your healthcare marketing efforts keeping up with these trends?

In this ever-evolving digital age, it’s increasingly important to find a way to reach out and engage patients as they begin to take a more active role in their healthcare decisions. With information at everyone’s fingertips, and the growing need for instant gratification, it is more important than ever to have a clear strategy positioning your brand as an authoritative and recognizable industry leader. Video humanizes an otherwise “clinical” perception of healthcare. Video is a powerful marketing tool that can help distinguish you from the crowd, attract new patients, build loyalty, inspire patient confidence, and cultivate relationship.

There are several ways to use healthcare video such as website video, waiting room videos, etc. Below, we take a look at 7 ways to use video for your healthcare practice.


1. TV Commercial

The power of television is, among other things, a means to tell a story with movement, sound, color, music and a persuasive pallet of tools. Done well, it is a highly effective way to engage patients/consumers, and to clearly demonstrate benefits to a large audience of prospective patients. What’s more, television advertising has the ability to: Differentiate from the competition, Engender trust, Build credibility, Boost practice awareness and Enhance professional reputation.





2. Waiting Room Video

What better way to occupy time in a waiting room or in a treatment room! Entertain waiting patients and visitors. When you share informative and entertaining video with your visitors and patients, you improve their experience while at your office. Waiting room video creates a more enjoyable visit and decreases perceived wait time.





3. Social Video

The healthcare industry is one of the top industries attracting large number of audience in social media. A record of 34% of consumers tap social media to search for health information according to  research data from Opinion Research Corp. Social video marketing for healthcare provide unprecedented opportunities for educating patients, increasing outreach, and recruiting a new generation of health care professionals.





4. Patient Testimonials

Share patient testimonials. Provide credibility for your office and ease the mind of your patients by sharing video testimonials from past patients. Before-and-afters and reviews from happy patients will make your new patients feel more comfortable working with you.





5. Virtual Tour

Provide a virtual tour. Take first-time patients through your office with a virtual tour. Patients who are unfamiliar with your office will enjoy getting a first look before walking through the doors of your location.





6. Introduce Staff

Introduce doctors, nurses, and staff. During your welcome video, you can introduce key staff members and doctors. Share interviews or discuss the background of your team to help patients get to know the staff.





7. Healthcare Tips

Share general health advice. Because you care about the overall well-being of your patients, you can use video to share information, tips, and advice on how to improve their general health.





Video is one of the most powerful mediums for capturing and holding attention. It is also one of the most versatile. Healthcare video works effectively as a communication and a marketing tool, and can be distributed across multiple platforms in both digital and physical locations.

If you are stuck with dated communication and marketing tools and are ready to make an upgrade, learn more about bringing video content to you healthcare practice. Schedule a free consultation with our video marketing specialist to see how our video production services can improve your healthcare marketing and take your communication to the next level.

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