5 Tips On How to Pick the Right On Hold Messaging Servi

5 Tips On How to Pick the Right On Hold Messaging Service

5 Tips On How to Pick the Right On Hold Messaging Service

5 Tips On How to Pick the Right On Hold Messaging Service



So you’ve decided it’s time to do something about the caller on hold experience at your brand. Well,  Congratulations! Now that you’ve made the decision, you need to carefully consider choosing the right message on hold marketing provider to properly represent your brand. I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t all on-hold providers the same?” The answer is a resounding “NO!”

That’s sort of like saying aren’t all automotive repair centers the same, or aren’t all pizza shops all the same? Some pizza shops use better ingredients, some offer the convenience of online ordering and delivery, some offer lower prices and last but certainly not least, some flat out just taste better than others.

When choosing an on hold messaging provider, there are numerous factors to take into consideration such as experience, expertise and track record! Below, we’ll provide some of the hey things to look for when choosing a provide.


Here are 5 tips on finding the right message on hold marketing provider to successfully build awareness, increase sales and ensure a great caller experience:


1. Easy to Work With 

The best on hold messaging marketing partner is knowledgeable and unafraid to tell you when you’re moving down the wrong path. They also will be sure to share this advice in a collaborative way. You shouldn’t have to wait for your agency to come to you with suggestions, either. The best partners are approachable and willing to listen to your concerns and ideas. They’ll sit down and talk through the problems and solutions until you both agree on the right path. If their experience suggests you’re still on the wrong path, they’ll gently nudge until you’re walking side by side again.


2.Understands Your Goals

When picking an on hold provider agency to work with, always look for agencies which can understand my company’s short-term and long-term goals, can actually help achieve them, and are focused on our needs as a business.



Cookie cutter on hold scripts that do not engage or motivate callers are unfortunately a common problem among many on hold providers. The customer has no idea that they use the same script template for the car dealer in town as they do for the local pizza parlor, and it all sounds the same. That simply isn’t going to cut it if you want real results. A company that is thoughtful and innovative will make for a good on hold marketing partner. They don’t use cookie cutter template scripts, but strategically thinks of ways to improve the brand.


4.Has the Tools and Resources

Having good intentions and the right plan to execute is cool and all, but does your on hold marketing partner have the right tools? Without the right tools or resources to carry out these plans, everything will end up void. How does the marketing partner intend to execute their plan? Do they have a quick and convenient platform to update content to keep callers engaged with relevant information and motivate them? These are questions you should ask.


5.Good communication

The right on hold marketing provider should be able to communicate their ideas. You do not want to waste your time with someone who cannot easily pass a message across. They should also be responsive toy our needs by always returning phone calls, replying to emails, etc.


Final Thoughts…

Every message on hold provider out there wants to be your “marketing partner,” but do they really know what that means? Do you know what it means? You read words like integrated, holistic, and synergistic, but do these words really help you determine the best fit for your needs? Do they tell you how they’ll solve your pain?

One thing for sure is whenever seeking “value” as it relates to marketing your brand, you shouldn’t be all out for the cheapest on hold message offer, this might end up costing you a lot more in the end. As the saying goes:  “good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good!”

A great on-hold marketing partner is so much more than a tagline or collection of clever words. You deserve someone who will stand beside you and offer more than experience and knowledge. A true partner will collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcome—for you, and not for the marketing company. That’s where Original On Hold can help! Contact Us today, or check out our creative juices first hand with our risk free custom on hold demo trial offer. 

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