5 Things to Know Before Buying Custom On Hold Messages

5 Things to Know Before Buying Custom On Hold Messages


5 Things to Know Before Buying Custom On Hold Messages


It’s true that many companies get the caller on hold experience wrong! Some businesses still force callers to wait in dead-silence, thus ignoring prospects and customers instead offering “value” during the time in which you’ve asked them to wait. Others play the horrible default funeral parlor on hold music that was included by their hosted voip provider. And, believe it or not, there’s till some businesses who play a local radio in which they do not control the content, and as a result can play offense or less than tasteful radio DJ’s or even worse – advertising a competitor’s commercial to your callers!

Sooner or later, more progressive companies have that ah-ha moment of “Hey, we need an on hold message!” … This aha-ha moment often occurs because either, the boss called in and was shocked at what was playing, the phone system has been upgraded, or the business finally realized how on hold time relates to brand image, the customer experience and highly targeted inbound marketing opportunities.


No matter what the reason, here are 5 things you need to know before getting started with on hold messages:


1. The Magic Black Box.

We’ve covered this topic before when debunking some myths about on hold messaging, but it needs to covered once again. Most on-hold providers pitch the “magical black-box” that holds all the answers to your on hold message needs, but in essence while quality, hassle-free on hold messaging hardware is important, it’s not what makes or breaks an engaging and results driven on hold message.


2. Marketing Strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make when it comes to on hold messages  is thinking they can get one recording produced and then play it forever!  This is a fatal mistake on many levels. First, if you have regular repeat callers, you’re eventually going to annoy them by playing the same messages over and over. Secondly, on hold messages are an extension of other marketing efforts and should support them as such, thus routine content updates provide the most value for both you and your caller.

Think about it. By providing fresh, and timely information your callers are likely to be more engaged, and you can use hold time to inform callers about special sales or promotional offers, seasonal items. Remember this about keeping callers focused on your business, and providing a great customer on hold experience.


3. Cost.

There’s an old saying: “Good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good!” I’d say most of us would agree with this statement. We’re talking about your brand image here, and often times the very first impression of your business, so while you want value – you certainly do not want your brand image to sound cheap either.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money is by  choosing a low-cost, and flexible on hold message update plan.  Most on hold providers who offer a service update plan include routine scheduled content updates keeping messages fresh and motivating.  As an added benefit, the hardware is included as part of the service fee, so there’s nothing additional to purchase.


On Hold Update Plan Advantages:

  • Periodic / routine message content updates
  • Promote timely offers and sales
  • Shows frequent callers you care
  • Increased sales
  • Savings on initial cash outlay
  • No equipment to own, service or that will become obsolete
  • Low fixed price.


4. Yes, Content Really Is King!  (even when it comes to on hold messages)

The tact of many message on hold producers is to us template scripts, slap it together, and send it to you. But, savvy business owners know that in today’s competitive business environment you need more than that to succeed! After all, do you really want to sound like everyone else?

Above all else, when it comes to “real” results driven on hold messaging – it’s all in the script copy! Skip the boiler-plate template script, because you want high-quality, custom content that encourages the audience to interact with your brand. An on hold message with engaging content has the power to influence the way callers think and feel and act. And even more so, great content will also hold a caller’s  attention thus creating a relationship with the brand, which is vital in strengthening your relationship with  customers and helps your business


5. Choosing an On Hold Message Service Provider.

There are many factors that go into choosing an on hold messaging service provider, but there is a difference between message on hold companies; a difference that goes much deeper than background music with voice over.  Sure price is a consideration, but it goes far beyond that! If you’re going to implement an on hold message strategy, then it needs to be treated like the marketing tool that it is.

Here’s a few things to look for when considering an on hold message service provider:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they offer a custom demo for you to audition before making a buying decision?
  • Check on Customer Reviews/Complaints
  • Are they crafting unique and custom script-copy vs templates?
  • Do they have different plans to fit different budgets?
  • When updating content is the process simple or a daunting task?
  • Do they cover any/all necessary music licensing fees?
  • What type of equipment warranty is offered?
  • What’s their customer satisfaction policy?


Final thoughts…

When it comes to the telephone, neglecting this customer touchpoint is a “HUGE” mistake that can negatively impact your sales, customer satisfaction, and brand value .There’s definitely a vibrant marketing channel available through your phone’s hold button. You have captive callers who are already interested in your products and services, and are waiting to hear what you can do for them.

If you’re on the fence about getting started with on hold messages at your brand? Try our risk-free custom on hold message demo. We’ll create and produce your very own custom message, and you can discover what your brand can sound like.

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