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5 No No Cliché Statements to Avoid in Your Music On hold Script Copy

5 No No Cliché Statements to Avoid in Your Music On hold Script Copy



Building your brand, promoting your products or simply selling your services… whatever your goal, a professional music-and-message on hold system allows you to reach a valuable, attentive audience that’s ready to listen: your callers.  If you get your music on hold script copy correct, you can keep your customer on hold while your lines are busy and potentially sell them new products. There are, however, message statements that sound right but actually give out the wrong impression.


Here are 5 clichés if included in your music on hold script can be deadly to your business:


“To Contact Us…”

First thing, you are already talking to them so that means they know how to reach you. Second, unless the other contact option will provide answers to their questions, then go ahead and give them the details.


“Friend us… follow us…”

Facebook, Twitter and even texting are the new avenues that you can turn to for handling customer queries. Not only does it shorten the hold time, but also your marketing reach. However, make sure to say it right. Rather than asking customers to “friend us”, invite them to “join” you on Facebook.


“A Representative Will Call You Back…”

Call backs is a useful tool that helps achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction by providing a better customer experience. But unless you have a sophisticated phone system and a really great reason for being unable to get to your callers on hold, do not tell the caller to hang up to wait for a callback. 


“We’re sorry to make you hold…”

Apologizing for placing callers on hold not only reinforces a negative, but creates the sense that your company has made a mistake. The same goes for phrases such as “Thank you for holding” or “Thank you for waiting”. The words only reinforce the negative aspect of being on hold. Instead, use positive phrases, such as “We’re glad you’ve called today” or “We appreciate your call.”


“Your Call Is Important…”

A familiar litany from representatives is telling customers that their call is important and yet they are placed on hold. Better ways to demonstrate the importance of every call is instead giving them information that make them feel you are working hard to serve.


 Here’s a good example: 

“You want your order processed with 100 percent accuracy, and we have a 20-year track record of accurate, on time order fulfillment. Our turnaround time is just 24 hours or less. That’s the best in the industry.” 

It’s no secret that no one likes waiting on hold — but it happens all the time. Design an effective script for your music on-hold  system and never let the opportunity suggest a negative impression of your business.




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