4th Quarter On Hold Messaging Tips and Ideas To Finish The Year Strong

4th Quarter On Hold Messaging Tips and Ideas To Finish The Year Strong

The change of season isn’t the only change that is happening. We are also entering the Fourth Quarter of the year, which means different things for different businesses. Whether you are gearing up for a busy season, wrapping up with your busy months, or even if you’re plugging along like you always do, it’s important to prepare your On Hold Marketing for the Fourth Quarter.

For many small businesses, the months leading up to the holidays can be the “make or break” season for their year-end business goals. Why should you start planning now? Your competitors probably are! With advance planning and a well-thought out message on hold marketing strategy, you can position your business to “ring” in the holiday season with sleigh full of success.

There’s obviously the typical ideas and themes to tie into your message on hold programming such a Halloween Sale, Thanksgiving Sale, Winter Holiday or even New Years Sale which lots of competitors will be including in their marketing themes as well. When done with creativity your Halloween Sale transforms from boring to “Un-BOO-lievable”, or with the right marketing message your Thanksgiving Sale surely won’t be a “turkey.”  What if your business can’t take advantage of the more traditional holiday marketing or the winter months are a slower period? We’ve put together some exceptional On Hold Marketing tips & ideas, to help you finish the year off the year strong.

First, let’s take a look how some unique fall and winter holidays may help you stand out and increase sales. For instance, in addition to our most favorite ghoulish holiday, did you know that October is also National Pizza Month? This is something any pizza restaurant can easily tie into their on-hold promotions and take full advantage of. October is also National Kitchen & Bath Month, another easy theme to tie into your message on hold. November is also chock-full of some unique holidays such as National Sleep Comfort Month. This is perfect for any furniture & bedding store. Or, that November is also National Skin Care Month. Can you say Spa and Salon on-hold promotions! These are just a few examples, as they’re numerous other unique holidays you may be able to include in your marketing strategy.

Do you have a new product or service on the horizon for the new year? This can be a great opportunity to include in your message on hold programming, and generate a “buzz” by offering a sneak preview with a special coupon or gift certificate promotion. How about a special one-day event with a “buy now get later” offer? Even if the winter months are a slower time for your business, you can come up with creative ways to communicate valuable information your customers and prospects need to know about.

Get your website and social #%@! together! A common goal for many businesses will be to drive website sales, generate leads and spread the word during the holiday season (and beyond!). Use your music on hold content to bridge your marketing channels and create a buzz by driving traffic to your website, or mention special internet only deals. What about encouraging newsletter sign-ups to help grow your marketing list for the coming year. Social media is today’s word of mouth, so include your social platforms to expand your fan base, or even ask your customers to post a review.

So, there you have it. A few ideas to consider in your on hold messages, to make sure that you finish the year strong in sales. Remember, get organized with your on hold advertising and make a list of the top largest sales opportunities for your business.  Strategize and draft compelling content with captivating “calls to action” and stand out amidst the deluge of the competing marketing messages your customers and prospects are exposed to.

What are some other areas that your business can focus on in their on hold message during Q4 this year? Let us know what your plans are in the comment box!

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