4 Must Use Tips for Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Videos!

4 Must Use Tips for Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Videos!

4 Must Use Tips for Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Videos!


The personal injury profession is overflowing with competition. You can’t turn on a television for more than 30 minutes or walk down the street without seeing an ad for a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys know the competition is fierce. In an attempt to grow a personal injury practice, lawyers may be maintaining a website, making blog posts, sending out email newsletters and saturating social media.

If personal injury attorneys are doing everything to maximize their presence online and offline, why are there difficulties in landing clients? Because, consumers have a tough time trying to decipher one personal injury attorney apart from the hundreds of other personal injury attorneys in their area. For this reason (among many others), when done right, video allows you to differentiate your law firm from your competition, generate high-value cases, and consistently bring in new clients.


To really put the power of attorney marketing videos into perspective, check out the video we produced for Page Law Firm.




There are countless ways to leverage legal marketing videos to grow your law firm. Below are a few of our tried-and-true strategies to ramp up your video marketing and set yourself apart from your competitors:


1. Build Trust, Authority, and Expert Status in Your Practice Area.

Here’s a little secret that people inherently know but attorneys do not. Many lawyers talk way too much and don’t listen enough. If that’s how you come across on your video, you’ve lost your viewer forever. Remember, clients hire a lawyer, not a law firm. Video marketing for lawyers should reflect the brand of the lawyers being portrayed. Decide who your desired audience is, who you want to represent, and how your skill-set makes you the most qualified attorney to represent them.

Make all your decisions with this persona in mind. Sell yourself as a person first and an attorney second if you want to stand out from the crowd. Stop explaining why your law firm is better than the firm across the street—and start telling your unique value proposition.


2. Have a Clear Message that Resonates.

Even if you’ve been convinced of the importance of video marketing, that doesn’t mean you know how to create good content! Marketing without a message, or the right message is ineffective marketing. In an over-saturated personal injury law market, you have to tell a compelling story to capture your audience’s attention. Identify your firm’s ideal client persona and their unique problem-set to showcase how your firm can solve those problems. Cut the lawyer jargon and the sales tactics—be genuine.

For example, your video message could highlight an inspirational story about a client who was able to restore a sense of normalcy after you helped them recover damages in a successful lawsuit. Tell a story that encapsulates the principles for which you and your law firm stand. Authenticity and approachability will resonate with people far more deeply than the old “Have you been in an accident?” line of marketing.


3. Client Testimonials.

While FAQ videos and brand videos put you in the spotlight, client testimonial videos are produced with the idea of letting your own clients speak for you.  Testimonial videos allow potential clients the opportunity to see what it’s really like to work with your law firm by featuring past clients who get the chance to tell their own story and discuss their experience with your team.

Testimonial videos fit into the final stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage. At this point in the journey, a potential client has narrowed down their list of options and is now trying to decide whether they’re ready to work with your firm. Client testimonial videos aid in this decision making process by increasing social proof – which plays into a psychological phenomenon whereby people rely on the past experiences of others to make judgments and decisions. When a past client calls you trustworthy, compassionate, and thorough, it carries more weight than if you had said those things about yourself.


4. Use High-Quality Content and Production Value.

Nothing undoes the professional image of an attorney like a cheap looking video or bad video content. You can see the “used-car salesman” type of advertisements for law firms on every local channel in America. As a professional attorney, you need video content that will capture you in the best possible light.

Video production and marketing experts with experience in law firm video marketing can help you tailor your content to your message in a way that will connect with your audience. Good video marketing produces content that is educational, informative, relevant, and useful to prospective clients.  Just as a lawyer is a specialist in the legal field, video production and marketing is a craft and it should be left to the specialists. Your time is better spent growing your firm and serving your clients.


Final Thoughts…

In today’s personal injury law firm marketplace, it’s no longer enough to be a skilled attorney with a high rate of successful outcomes (though this certainly helps). Competition among personal injury law firms is fierce, and standing out in a crowd of competitors is no easy task, and it’s getting more difficult all the time.

While it will take some time and effort to develop your video marketing plan, we have given you a specific formula on how to use video marketing to set your personal injury law practice apart from competitors and  become the obvious choice in your market. Are you ready to set yourself apart with quality video production and marketing to gain more market share? If so, contact Original Video Productions for a FREE, no-obligation “discovery session” to learn more.


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