30 Seconds to Achieving More Sales

30 Seconds to Achieving More Sales


Writing effective on-hold ad copy, involves much more than banging out hundreds of words on a keyboard. On hold messaging calls for brief, but straight to the point, effective,  ear-catching snippets of information. As much as possible, your message should be original because you’re establishing your brand to your customers as well as prospective ones.  I mean who isn’t tired of listening to all those bland phrases like, “We are your one-stop-shop”, “Our friendly staff are here to help ”, or “We’ve got it all here…”? What do these phrases even mean? You don’t want to tell your callers all these generic taglines, because everybody does it. See, when people hear the same empty words over and over again, they just simply switch off – conditioning themselves to stop listening. This also results in callers hanging up the phone. Worse, they tend to find other brands that won’t tell them something that should already be a given.

Let’s take a close look at how marketing on-hold can make you money, and to also assure those precious moments are worth your caller’s time. Be clear and concise, and try to avoid listing to too many different points, as this can lead to confusion on the listener’s part. Make a list of the necessary points that you need to have included. These should be key attributes and selling points that set your business apart from the competition.

The purpose of an ad — any ad — is to arouse enough curiosity that the target is compelled to act upon it. Also, show your company’s personality. Known for having the lowest prices in town? Say it.  Environmentally conscious? Say it. Sell the only authentic widgets within a 40 mile radius? Say it. Don’t be afraid to brag a little, just don’t overdo it.

Below, we give you two brief message on hold script examples One for a weight loss product, and the other for a financial investment firm. Two vastly different topics, but both include the creative elements needed for a successful on-hold advertisement.

Example 1) Ladies, throw away those do-nothing diet pills! Now there’s a proven way to lose weight fast. It’s called Fat Away and it can give you visible results in 20 days! Guaranteed or your money back! The trouble with traditional weight loss pills is that they only do part of the job. Sure, they might block fat, but what about the fat you already have? And what about the carbs that turn into fat? Fat Away is a great-tasting chocolate shake that delivers a complete “fat attack formula.” It burns and blocks both fat and carbs 24 hours a day … while you work and while you sleep. Still not convinced, try it FREE! Ask how you can receive a one-month supply of Fat Away FREE. No strings. No obligation.  

Example 2) Picture yourself basking on a Caribbean beach, reading your favorite author, and sipping an exotic drink. And you know you can stay here for as long as you like, because for the very first time there’s no work waiting for you back home. You’re retired. And this vacation will last for the rest of your life.”  If you dream of retiring comfortably, then stop dreaming and start doing!  Our certified financial advisor’s, will help you determine the amount of money needed for retirement, tax planning, how to avoid pitfalls , and minimize risks to successfully achieve your financial goals for retirement, and live those golden years to the fullest,. It’s never too early to begin planning how you want to spend those years, so schedule a consultation when we return to the line.

Notice the structure,  and the creative elements included. Opening statements that  grab the listener’s attention, identifies a problem,  presents a solution, and of course there’s a compelling offer and a call to action. If you’re used to writing long sales pages or print marketing materials, you’ll probably find that you have dozens of benefits or features you want to talk about, but simply won’t have time for. So it forces you to get to the point, write lean, and choose your ideas and words carefully.

Producing  telephone on- hold commercial announcements  is different from creating any other form of advertising. It’s  important to strike a balance between creativity and functionality. The script can make or break your message on hold. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to write the script yourself! Our professional copywriters will craft a sample on hold message script example, using brilliant copy to make those words sell, and be as effective as possible.



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