3 Tips For Marketing Your Business Video On Facebook

3 Tips For Marketing Your Business Video On Facebook


Are You Marketing Your Small Business Video On Facebook


Yes, I know when we talk about online video marketing we usually think Youtube, but Facebook video marketing is a must have for businesses. Sure, Youtube is the granddaddy, but due to its sheer size, there’s a ton of competition, all of which are fighting to be seen and all wanting the same thing – exposure.  When a platform has more than a billion users, it’s much harder to break through the noise which makes hosting your content on the platform much less valuable.

As you read through this post, this isn’t a debate about which is the better platform, but rather to help you discover why your businesses should be using Facebook video marketing. Without it as a part of your overall mix – your video marketing strategy is incomplete. We’ll also give some reasons why most business are doing it wrong, and how you can up your business video marketing game!



Why Should You Be Marketing Your Business Video On Facebook?


Don’t get me wrong, Youtube is still a viable platform and is inherently good for search engine optimization and driving views. But truth be told, there is one social network that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore, Facebook.  And here’s why you may need a slight readjustment in your video marketing strategy – In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook is gaining a lot of well-deserved traction in the video marketing world, and the platforms of distribution for video content online have shifted drastically over the last 18 months. Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than YouTube.

What’s more, businesses can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, interests, etc. and get you in front of specific, and often motivated, segments of your audience. There’s also many other powerful ad targeting options:  Tap into recent purchase behavior, life-event targeting, create audiences that look like your own targets (“lookalike audiences”), and use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty and many other targeting options.

Why is this so important? Well, for example, let’s say you sell ice cream. You can upload a video, and spend money on a sponsored video ad to directly market your video to people who:  1) love ice cream and 2) live in your area and 3) have kids. Automatically, you’re reaching the audience who is most interested and profitable to your business — Which is great, because you’re not wasting anyone’s time, and you’re truly reaching the consumers who will be interested in your business’s offeringpeople who are most likely to become your customers.


Why Most Businesses Are Doing Video Marketing On Facebook, Wrong.


You know how to use Facebook on a personal level, but do you really know how to take advantage of it for your business? It may seem like a low-maintenance platform, but there are a lot of ways you can go wrong on Facebook. If you were thinking about using the company’s iPad to create your latest corporate video, don’t do it.  Just don’t.

If you don’t have the right video production, your video marketing on Facebook is a complete waste of time. Be very careful with the type of content you decide to produce. If you don’t have the right content in the first place, using Facebook to your gain will be futile. Just like any other piece of content, your business video must be professional, high-quality, engaging, entertaining and tailored to the audience – after all we’re not talking about cat videos.  A professional business video production is a major differentiator from a DIY attempt.

Less than half of viewers will watch an entire 30-second ad after watching the first three seconds of it, so make sure those three seconds are captivating! For brands to use video marketing successful, it’s not just about getting views, which is where most small businesses get this wrong. What’s more important is engagement, shares, conversions, and total time spent watching.


How To Step Up Your Facebook Business Video Marketing Game!


Marketing your business video on Facebook is nothing to be afraid of, and something your small business should embrace. Here are a few tips on how to step up your video marketing strategy on Facebook.

Big brands know that they need to stay top of mind, so they fully understand that a successful video marketing campaign is a marathon, not a race. Therefore, they have a video content marketing strategy planned for the entire year. For instance, you can create video commercials around major holidays, especially during the times of year where major purchasing decisions are being made and heartstrings are being pulled like Mother’s Day.

Go through the calendar and make a list of holidays, events or specific times of year like back-to-school, or how about seasonal changes like the start of Spring or Summer to create promotional videos around those topical times and events.

While technology definitely has its perks, it doesn’t always mean you should take the reins. With an over-saturation of mediocre, self-made content cluttering the web, crafting high-quality resources has become a must. To ensure your business’s video marketing content stands out from the crowd, consider bringing on a professional who can take your project to a whole new level. If you have no idea where to go to get a professional business video production for marketing on Facebook,  then watch some of our custom business video samples, or consult with an Original On Hold specialist for help.

Is your business already running a successful Facebook video marketing campaign? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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