2013 Fall On hold Marketing Script Ideas To Boost Your Bottom Line!

2013 Fall On hold Marketing Script Ideas To Boost Your Bottom Line!


Football is back, the weather is cooling off, and Mother Nature will soon show off her colors with the changing leaves on the trees. That can only mean one thing — Fall is just around the corner. Just as the season’s change, marketing trends and design styles change as well. We go from light, bright and airy to bold, colorful palates, but that’s not the only thing that should change! A new season also means new marketing opportunities,  which means it’s time to update your on hold messages for the Fall season.

In our 23 year history, we’ve service just about every type of business, in every type of industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hair salon, heating & air conditioning company, restaurant, retailer, dentist or manufacturer, one thing that is for sure when it comes to on hold advertising – change is good!  Marketers today like to throw around words like content, relevant, timely and so on, and quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more!

When you keep your on hold message script content fresh and compelling, you still effectively communicate and connect with the caller, which in turn captures and commands the caller’s attention, same as when you installed your very first on hold recording. 

Not sure how you can take advantage of the Fall Marketing Season? Don’t worry,  our top-notch creative on hold scriptwriters can turn ideas into magic, and words into money! People’s lifestyles and habits often change with each season, and almost every business can benefit with a solid marketing strategy.  Below are two music and message on hold script examples for the fall marketing season for a hair salon, and heating & air conditioning company.  

1) “Thank you for calling XYZ Salon & Spa, a guest services coordinator will be on the line momentarily to schedule your appointment. Keep the warmth of summer with you as we move into fall with warm golden tones for hair and rich sensual shades for makeup and nails. Now through October XYZ Salon & Spa is offering our Fantastic Fall specials on cut, color, make-up and nail packages. Stop in, get pampered and all for a remarkably affordable price.”   

2) “Fall is quickly approaching … the leaves will be changing and football is in the air. That means it’s time get ready for heating season. It never fails, and it’s the same old story we hear from valued customers just like you – they’re heating system breaks down on one of the coldest days! This heating season, don’t let old man winter get you down, get a pre-season inspection from ABC Heating & A/C. We’ll provide a complete 24 point inspection of your hvac system, checking  burners, blower motors, gas and electrical connections and much more to ensure your home is ready for heating season. And, unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard, you’ll want to save on costly service calls and repairs, so ask your representative about our Comfort Protection Plan, and enjoy priority emergency service, annual systems tune-ups, valuable discounts on parts and labor and more.”

It’s important to change your on hold marketing campaign with the change in season. Why? Well, besides obvious reasons of keeping your callers engaged, and increasing sales, if your message isn’t providing timely and accurate information, it may have a negative effect, and give callers with a poor impression of your business.   Think about this, I’m a prospective client calling into your HVAC company, as I look outside my window and see the falling snow, I am placed on hold, and hear messages about air-conditioning services. Really, air-conditioning messages in the winter? As a consumer, in my mind, if your own business isn’t important enough to take care of, then how could I possibly expect that your competent enough to help me? 

So, summer is officially over, and while we’re not suggesting it’s time to set up your Christmas display, fall is the time of the year when you collect leaves, pick up fallen branches, clean out the gutters. It’s also a great time to clean up your marketing, and make sure opportunity doesn’t fall by the wayside! Close out the year with momentum, and update your music on hold recording with personalized and relevant on hold message content to efficiently communicate with your prospects and clients.

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