10 On Hold Messaging Ideas For The Coming New Year

10 On Hold Messaging Ideas For The Coming New Year

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Callers are your best prospects. Therefore, you don’t want their experience to be the same old song and dance! Changing your on-hold messaging on a frequent basis may seem like a task you can afford to put off. Sure, it’s easiest to set your messages and forget them, but you’re missing out on improving customer satisfaction and additional revenues!

Let’s face it – nobody enjoys hearing the same song over and over. The same holds true with on-hold messaging. Part of the issue is that businesses tend to forget about the customer experience side of the equation. Playing the same thing every time someone calls your business may give your customers the distinct impression you don’t have anything new to say. Be strategic and set a reminder or “expiration date” to change out your on-hold marketing playlist.

Frequent Changes = Higher ROI

Survey statistics from the On-Hold Messaging Association show that businesses that change their on-hold messages 6 times or more per year are more likely to attribute an increase in sales to hold messaging and describe it as a useful marketing tool they’d recommend to other businesses.

At The Original On Hold, we’re uniquely attuned to helping our clients reach their sales and marketing goals. Below you’ll find 10 ideas for updating your on-hold messaging in the New Year.

But, before that we thought we’d give you the reasons why in a little bit of tongue and cheek style, enjoy T’was The Night Before Christmas – Original On Hold Style!

T’was just a few weeks before Christmas, so the story is told, is it time to consider that your marketing has grown old?

With staff members in their chairs, and the boss in the back, a meeting was held to find out why sales
were lack!

They searched high and low and all over the place, it’s because they’ve done nothing new, it was such a sad case.

All of the sudden there arose a big fuss, when the boss sprang from his desk and yelled, “hey this is for us.”

Away to the computer, the boss flew like a bird, playing outdated messages, to him that was absurd.

It was something he had thought of earlier that day, if we update our on hold message, it will bring new sales our way.

Then without notice, so lively and loud, the marketing team yelled “this will work,” quite confident and proud.

As they began to jump in and get more involved, they knew that their sales slump would soon be solved.

Boring old messages they would no longer play, keeping content fresh is what will help save the day. Routine updates and a call-to-action, sales were booming and gaining real traction.

The more changes to messages the more rapid sales became, the marketing staff shouted and called out by name “Our 4th of July Sale, Winter Promotions and Tradeshow events, the more they promoted, the more sales commenced.

Callers sang praise, and attitudes were merry! Product inquiries rose and it was no longer scary!

Now every month callers hear something new each time, and that’s when the sales bells started to chime.

The boss was happy and so was the team, with their  jolly ole grins they  started to gleam.

There was hope for the New Year, as sales were not falling. Having an on hold marketing update plan was definitely their calling.

At the end of the day, the boss loved such a sight, He turned to his staff and exclaimed- “Happy Sales to all, and to all a good-night!”

If you haven’t changed your messages in a while, your best clients will know that you’re not finding new ways to help them. Let us help you find the difference…to distinguish you…to bring out the best in you. So that everyone will recognize it.

We want to make it easy on you, so here are a few suggestions from our creative team:

1. Let callers know about new 2016 models and styles that are available.

2. If you’re wrapping up a year-end clearance or making room for spring stock with a sale, give your callers a heads-up!

3. Many companies schedule events for winter holidays like President’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

4. If winter is your “off-season,” does your business offer any discounts or special pricing during this time of year?

5. Add some simple health tips to your production, to help motivate callers to keep those New Year’s Resolutions!

6. Will your company be attending any trade shows in the upcoming months? Let callers know where they can meet you in person.

7. Saving money is a year-round goal for most families. Share tips for creating a more energy-efficient home in the winter – which saves money AND is good for the environment!

8. Do you have referral programs, gift certificates, an additional location opening, or even perhaps an upcoming change in location? What about new rebate offers or special financing incentives? Give callers news they can use!

9. Does your company set new goals each year, or are there any changes coming up that your callers need to know about?

10. Spring Break is around the corner. Get callers excited for the upcoming vacation season!

Still need help with what changes to make?

Call our offices, for a free, creative consultation with one of copywriters. We’ll inject some fresh new ideas to make your on hold content sound irresistible once again, and let your customers know that you care!

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